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Defend The Sewers – Shooting 3 Bubbles Color Matched

Defend The Sewers – Shooting 3 Bubbles Color Matched

by: Craig of the Creek

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Craig Of The Creek: Defend The Sewers


Do you recall the Zuma games from your childhood? On the internet and on home computers, these were previously some of the most popular match-3 bubble shooting games. Today, we’re pleased to present you with one of these games in the form of Defend the Sewers. This is the newest thing we have just introduced for everyone, so let’s get started! You’re going to have a lot of fun with it!

Craig and his colleagues are working on a new Defend the Sewers expedition! The children’s ambition to scale up the map of the entire creek seemed to be never-ending! This time, they seek your assistance in order to continue discovering the area’s map. Will you support them and follow them through the creek?

Your friends must pop all of the balloons without letting them fall into the sewer in order to continue their adventure! You must concentrate on your aim and react quickly in this colorful and exciting game. Lead Craig and his companions in completing all of the stages and completing their research of the location!

How to play Defend The Sewers

Let’s get this trip started! To begin popping balloons, simply aim at your target and click your left mouse button to shoot a bubble. To cause the bubbles explode, you must combine three or more of the same color bubbles together. Doesn’t seem to be that tricky, does it?

As you can see, several of the balloons had symbols painted on them. Burst the bubble if you detect a target! It will increase your goal for a short period of time! You can also gain bonuses by bursting a few or all of the targets in one region. Make an effort to obtain these beneficial power-ups, as they will help you finish the level faster!

You have a total of 20 stages, so please settle down, take your time and concentrate on your goal! Don’t worry if the balloon you receive isn’t the correct color. Shoot it in an out of direction, and a new one will appear!

You may find that the difficulties become increasingly difficult as you continue. If you can’t keep the balloons from falling into the sewer, you’ll have to restart the present level for one more time. Instead of being disappointed, but strive for a high score!

What are you waiting for? Your friends are waiting for your support!  Reach the last level and assist Craig and the others in finishing the map!

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