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Impawsible Fame

Impawsible Fame

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Impawsible Fame


You may only play the newest game introduced to the We Bare Bears Games categories on, Impawsible Fame, which is the newest game added to our website.

What a fantastic concept! In the video game Impawsible Fame, the adorable bears from the We Bare Bears animated series desire to construct a skyscraper completely made of bears. They require your assistance to defend it from the assault. Could you handle it?

Set all previous records aside and construct the tallest bear tower. The bears may simply be removed from the boxes and each one placed atop the tower by dragging them out of the boxes.

A specified order in which the bears will show up in the boxes. Just make sure to arrange the bears in the proper sequence. You’ll receive a fresh combination and see a gain in scoring for each bear that is appropriately positioned. Be aware of which bear debuted initially so you can identify it. You will receive fewer points and have a shorter combo if you put the bears improperly.

How to play Impawsible Fame

Click on the food that is dropping to gather a bonus combination if you want to raise your score. The higher you climb in your tower, the more alerts you’ll get. But be cautious, since you’ll also need to touch Nomnom or the pigeons to get them out of the tower. You will have to start over if you allow them to reach your tower since they will cause it to collapse.

Act quickly and keep piling the bears one on top of the other because if you wait too long, one of them could decide to leap off.

Let’s construct a bear tower that is the highest ever seen in the history of the planet. The fuzzy bears need you to be there and have their backs, and you are the only one who can do┬áit. Protect the tower while collecting all the combinations and raising it up by stacking the bears on top of one another.

Have you get it all? So come and have fun!

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