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Just A Regular Game – Have Fun With Mordecai And Rigby

Just A Regular Game – Have Fun With Mordecai And Rigby

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Just A Regular Game


It will never be dull to spend time with Mordecai and Rigby. This game is for you if you enjoy the ridiculous antics of Rigby and Mordecai on the Cartoon Network sitcom Regular Show.

Every day of their life, the two buddies find something fun to do and fresh entertainment to enjoy. You’ll experience the joys of spending time with your favorite characters from A Regular Show in the game Just a Regular.

There are three components to the game. You have the option of escaping the Moon Monster, throwing stones at the Destroyer of Worlds, or trying to hurt on a wrestler-shaped pillow in their chamber.

To be sure, the following section of the description will go into the game’s concept, which we urge you to read as well.

How to play the game Just A Regular Game

Beef Burrito said some nasty words about Rigby’s mother in the first activity, and Rigby is now furious as crazy. He intends to teach Beef Burrito a lesson and defeat him with the assistance of Mordecai. Drag the trampoline to the desired location, then click to release Rigby. He’ll leap, and if he falls to Beef Burrito, he will be wrestling him for points.

In the second part, Rigby mistakenly sends Skips to the moon. He’s sorry now, and he wants to support his best friend in escaping the Moon Monster and returning home. With your mouse, move the automobile around and click to take a hop over the gaps. Skips is counting on you to be home on time.

Mordecai and Rigby’s final goal is to divert the Destroyer of Worlds until aid comes.  to hit  Throw rocks in his weak points to hit him, and make sure he doesn’t kill you off before aid arrives. Aim with your mouse and click to toss the stones. When the backup arrives, click to stop the Destroyer’s strikes and finish him before he finishes you.

We wish you the best of luck!

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