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Match Up – Find A Pair Of Matching Cards

Match Up – Find A Pair Of Matching Cards

by: DC Super Hero Girl

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DC Super Hero Girls: Match Up


Do you ever wish you could play a game alongside your favorite animated characters? The DC Super Hero Girls are back with a fun match-up game for you!

As you might expect, the show focuses on female superheroes from DC’s universe, including Batgirl, Bumblebee, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. These female superheroes live a personal life and a heroine life: they go out and save people whenever they are in trouble, and they also live as a normal teenage girl at the same hero-only high school where they are trained to be heroes. Of course, they deal with everyday issues such as family, friends, guys, and other issues.

How to play the game Match Up

This time, each heroine’s image is hidden on the back of the card. Whenever you click on two cards to unlock them, they are flipped around and their photos are presented at the same time. Try to remember the location of each heroine’s card. When you select a pair of cards that look alike, they are deleted and you are awarded points. At each successive level, you’ll be given more cards to match. There will be a bunch of cards and you only get a few seconds to view the cards at the start of the level, so memorize their positions as quickly as you can.

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