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Mechanoid Menace – Attacks And Gain Cash

Mechanoid Menace – Attacks And Gain Cash

by: Ben 10

  • 2.8K
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Mechanoid Menace


Ben 10: Mechanoid Menace is a response and skill game based in the Ben 10 world.┬áIn this game you must face an army of robots. Steam Smith has assembled all of his mechanoids and launched an attack on the city. You must accomplish a mission to defend the city in order to disarm the enemy and prevent him from carrying out his plot. You must work with Ben Tennyson and his aliens to destroy the robots and chase away the evil mechanic. Are you ready for some exciting battles? Then let’s get started!

The robots must be punched, and no one can do it better than Four-Arms! This crimson alien with four arms is capable of pummeling and destroying many adversaries on his own. The evil master is sending flying robots at Four-Arms, who is perched on a ledge, and you must punch them as they come into range; the more of them you punch in a succession, the more points you receive and the more combos you acquire.

Strive for precise attacks and combination hits to gain more cash! Following the battle, you may use the cash to improve your skills or even unlock new heroes. If you’ve ever wanted to test Rath’s or Diamondhead’s skills, now is your opportunity! Simply keep playing until you have collected enough money to claim your prizes. You may also trigger a special hit to multiply power if you punch sufficiently to fill up the special ability bar.

Good luck, and we hope to see you around since it would be a pity not to play even more of our daily games!

How to play game Mechanoid Menace

Each of the attacks has a unique strategy, so you must remain vigilant at all times. Drones have the ability to shift lanes when you least expect it. The second opponent, Robot Guy, is a difficult opponent who will require more than one strike to overcome. Finally, before Steam Smythe vanishes, you must unleash many fists at him!

It’s time to go to the battleground! For basic hits, use the Left and Right Arrow Keys or Left Click, but only while the robots are in the green spots on both sides because that is the best time to strike. If you need to use a special attack, press the Spacebar.

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