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Regular Show Power Keys

Regular Show Power Keys

by: Regualar Show

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Regular Show Power Keys


Our team has chosen today to bring you more brand-new games in a variety of entertaining categories, and the game we have in store for you falls under the area of Regular Show. We are delighted to launch Power Keys.

It seems like Mordecai and Rigby get into trouble for whatever they do. Regardless of where they are or what they do, they are always being pursued. They angered the Moon Monster today, and if they don’t play the correct tune on the piano, they will perish. You have to assist Mordecai and Rigby in the Power Keys game by following them the keyboard’s numerical sequence.

Prepare yourself for a space journey, and no matter what might ever happen, you should never give up after a few failed attempts.

How to play Regular Show Power Keys

The game’s rules are quite simple for all off you to understand. A keyboard is in front of you, and you will press a series of keys in a particular order. All you have to do is look at the keyboard to choose which keys to press. For the level to be completed, you must recall and then click in the exact same order.

You will electrocute the Mood Monster even if you finish a session of keys correctly. You will lose a life if you hit a key in the wrong order and do not finish the keys session. You can see your three remaining lives in the upper left corner of your keyboard. You can view your score on the right side of the keyboard, and your power is displayed on the left side.

Please be extremely cautious since the Moon Monster will grow closer to you every time you lose a life. The game ends up when he captures you, and you must go back to the beginning. Remember the keys’ sequential order, and do your best to recall each key in the correct order. This time, Mordecai and Rigby are depending on your assistance. Do not fail to disappoint them and demonstrate your friendship to them.

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