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Super Late – Send The Girl Home Before It’s Too Late

Super Late – Send The Girl Home Before It’s Too Late

by: DC Super Hero Girl

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Super Hero Girls: Super Late


The super hero girl was enjoying a great slumber party when a super villain arrived, who had developed a massive gang in a massive metropolis. This criminal group is now terrorizing individuals at night. A team of super heroes girls came in the city to defend residents from criminals, and they now patrol the city at night. Fortunately, they beat the criminals, but it’s now too late to go outdoors. Commissioner Gordon will not accept such blunders, therefore the girls must get home on time. Assist them in returning fast and switching between girls to become more efficient at the time.

In DC Super Hero Girls: Super Late, you must support them with this mission. Run along the roofs of buildings as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, and the other girls to a certain location. The girl will run over the roofs at her typing pace. You’ll have to make your hero jump across gaps between the rooftops and overcome other stumbling-block. If you come across any obstacles, you must destroy them all with well-aimed shots. That’s how you get into this thrilling race with the famous DC Superhero females.

How to play game Super Late

For the first level, you will take over the roles of Bat Girl and Wonder Girl. The power of Bat Girl allows her to jump high and climb on top of skyscrapers and steep barriers. Wonder Girl may use her shield to prevent water from entering the water tanks. Switch between the two heroes at the correct time, and you’ll be there in no time!

You play as Zatanna and Green Lantern on the second level. Zatanna’s talent lets her to sprint straight past barriers, but Green Lantern can deflect the red sound waves with her shield.

Finally, in the third level, you may take on the roles of Supergirl and Bumblebee! In a split second, Supergirl can smash any obstruction, such as stone walls or wooden boxes. Bumblebee transforms between human and bee shapes in order to get through the pipes.

The controls are simple and consistent throughout all three levels of the game. To move your character, simply hit the Up and Down Arrow Buttons on your keyboard. Additionally, the W and S keys can be used. Jump by using Up or W, then slide beneath the obstacles by pressing Down or S!

You may also play as another character by pressing the Space Bar.

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