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Swing Out – Swing And Land And Have Fun

Swing Out – Swing And Land And Have Fun

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Swing Out!


Swing Out! is a one-tap arcade game based on the animated cartoon TV programme The Amazing World of Gumball. Forget all you thought you knew about adventures, since Swing Out game will introduce you to a whole new way of having fun!

For example, today is the day you’ll learn how to swing from platform to platform alongside Gumball, Darwin, among other Elmore characters. You have the opportunity to assist Gumball and his best buddies in creating some wonderful moments while playing the game.

You’ll have to be very attentive and focused in this new task since you’ll have to make sure that you and Gumball or Darwin, depending on which character you pick, can go through space as quickly as possible. You will be hanging from a rope, and you must ensure that you can swing with it and go from one rock to another.

It’s not going to be simple because the rocks will not be in the same shapes and sizes. So be careful whenever you release the Gumball character to land on the next rock. He could fall and not continue the journey if you miss the right time.

How to play Swing Out

Your chosen character will swing from one side to the other, and you must support him in landing on the next platform in front of you. When you believe the timing is right, click on the screen. To earn bonus points, make sure your friend lands in the center of the rock, where he may touch the flag.

You will discover various stuff along the journey. Try to gather them all since they will be useful to you on your adventure. Be cautious before jumping, and keep the wind in mind. It may either benefit you or bring you problems. The higher your score, the further you progress on the platforms. If you fall from one platform to another, you must restart from the scratch.

Now just forget everything you thought you know about adventures and go discover a brand new way of having fun in Swing Out game!

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