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Tomb of Doom – Take Rath Out Of Cursed Crypt

Tomb of Doom – Take Rath Out Of Cursed Crypt

by: Ben 10

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Ben 10: Tomb of Doom


For the large number of Ben 10 Games online fans that we have on our website, we are overjoyed that we can now share with you the game called Tomb of Doom, which is an action game with jumping, one that challenges your skills. The fate of the Earth depends on you by supporting Ben 10, the protagonist.

Prepare to leap! Rath is well-known for his supernatural agility and power. You must alter the direction and power of his leap to begin his frantic quest out of the cursed crypt. Do you see the rotating arrow on the screen? For a flawless launch, click when it reaches the white zone in the center.

You must now figure out how to keep rising in the air and out of the tomb! The trick is to use the objects strewn throughout the crypt. Move your cursor over them and then click to smash them with Rath’s might! You may even make combinations for extra coins if you are exact in your assaults. However, be certain that you do not miss your objective! You will tumble into the abyss, taking one of your precious life with you. Yikes!

Look for goodies that will help you go further while you’re in the air! Jump on them, and you’ll soon discover that Rath has gained new and amazing skills! You can, for example, obtain a shield, increased attack strength, or even a hoard of cash. Furthermore, you will be able to accumulate more lives. As a result, keep an eye out for the yellow, green, gra and orange power-up symbols!

How to play

You must click on the screen when you want to kick a robot below you, move the alien by simply moving the mouse to the left and right, and touch on the screen when you are in position to hit a robot. The more foes you defeat, the higher your score. Whenever you want to rush robot underneath you, click on the screen when it is a good position. It is available to tap on touchable devices.

Good luck, have fun, and don’t be shy about inviting your friends to play fantastic games with Ben 10 as well as other favourite Cartoon Network characters on our website.

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