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Adventure Time Elemental

Adventure Time Elemental

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Adventure Time: Elemental


Elemental is a complex series of four mini-games inspired by the Cartoon Network Adventure Time  series. In Adventure Time Elemental, join the gang of your favorite cartoon show Adventure Time as Jake and Finn explore the elements of Ooo.

In the Elemental game, Finn and Jake have planned on a huge journey! They’ll have to contend with all four factors to see how soon they can win! Your friends will need all the help they can get in the Land of the Ooo, which is a strange region. And you will be there to lend them a hand

Your mission is to go with them through all four dimensions: Ice to Meet You, Slime Time, Flame War, and Candy Smash! Each feature demands a particular type of gameplay, so pay close attention! Your buddies will confront tremendous obstacles, and you must ensure that they are protected whatever I takes! Keep them stay away from trouble and get them to the end of each level!

How to play the game Elemental

Finn and Jake must sprint through the sewers to escape the slime monster in the Slime Time chapter! You must press on the Right arrow to do so, and they will go quicker! You may also use the Spacebar to take a hop whenever they need to! To improve your score, avoid all obstructions and attempt to collect as many gems as possible.
Your heroes will face the Flame King in the Fame War part. He’ll try to kill your companions, so you’ll have to respond quickly! Pay attention to the notes at the bottom of the screen and click on them when they reach the colored line! The flames will be extinguished, and you will gain additional points as a result!
Finn and Jake must save the Candy people in the Candy Smash chapter! They’re all being held hostage in a box, and you must click on their image to free them! Zombies come as well, which you must avoid clicking on no matter what. You’ll lose a life if you don’t! If this occurs, try hitting Lemongrab three times to reclaim it! Save as many people as you can to improve your score higher and higher!
In this game, Finn and Jake are learning about the Four Elements, so keep a watchful check on them! Assist them in completing all of the difficulties and finishing strong!

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