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Lion Os-Quest

Lion Os-Quest

by: ThunderCats Roar

  • 2.8K
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ThunderCats Roar: Lion Os-Quest


We’re offering you the chance to play Lion Os-Quest, O’s an action-adventure game unlike any other you’ve played in this genre before, and have a ton of fun while doing it. It’s time for you to keep having fun with your favorite ThunderCats Roar actors from Cartoon Network. Today, you will trek with the cat pack’s leader and work to remove any obstacles from his way.

Play as the main character Lion-O on his adventure through Third Earth and defeat Mumm-diabolical Ra’s plan to unleash a monster slime invasion. To advance to new levels, you must avoid obstacles, traverse a never-ending dangerous world, leap, battle merciless foes, and make your way to the exit.

There will be a total of eighteen places on the map that you will visit, and each new level of the game will present a greater difficulty for you to overcome. However, we are confident that if you give it your all, you can overcome any obstacle. Control The game, Lion-O, contains three boss battles and fifteen levels. Levels 1 through 5 take place in Boggy Ben’s Swamp and Lair, Levels 6 through 10 on Hook Mountain, and Level 15 takes place in the Black Pyramid, Mumm Ra’s lair and the series’ primary antagonist. In addition to Snarf, Wittykat, and Wittykit, additional buddies of Lion-O join the journey. Enemies like the Living Iguana, Skymelon, Ooze, Albino Larve, and Attacking plants are abundant throughout the levels. There is no discernible variation in difficulty between the green and pink variants of any enemy type. The transition from gaming to the narrative is effortless because of the humorous sequences that appear between each level. Come along with Lion-O as he saves Third Earth by unleashing cosmic rage on The Mutants.

Make an effort to perform well enough on each level to get three stars overall.

How to play Lion Os-Quest

keys are used to maneuver the character, and keys are used to leap. Press the key to assault adversaries or chop down barriers in your way as needed. Be careful not to go too close to or be attacked by foes, though, since doing so may result in the game ending.

Make careful to gather all of the coins that your foes drop when you defeat them because they do so. Good luck, and don’t stop there—we’d love to have you play even more of the fantastic new games we’ve added each day to keep the good times coming!

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