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Fire Boy And Water Girl 2

Fire Boy And Water Girl 2

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Fire Boy And Water Girl 2


The menacing Light Temple has 40 dangerous rooms that you need to get through until your heroes can escape. Advance by solving the previous levels. However, the coolest feature is the fact that the game allows you to pick your path through the dangerous maze.  This way, you won’t get frustrated! If you ever get stuck, you can try a new challenge and come back to that pesky level later.

You will soon find that teamwork is your only hope for success. The barriers that lie between you and the exit can be deactivated using levers or buttons. Therefore, your two characters will need to press, pull, and jump in complete synchronization to surpass them. Do you think you can rise to the challenge?

What makes The Light Temple game unique is the addition of new interesting devices. They will force you to step up your game! Direct the light beams to the sensors by using prisms and mirrors. Rotate them using levers, buttons, or switches. Doesn’t it look cool?

Are you ready for a new type of challenge? What’s up with the pitch-black darkness?  Some levels will only feature two sources of light: Fireboy and Watergirl. Light each other’s way, and carefully tread if you want to get out of this pickle alive!

Get ready for a new and exciting adventure, joined by the adorable Fireboy and Watergirl! Can you believe how well these opposing personalities can work together?

How to play Fire Boy And Water Girl 2

The gameplay is intuitive, just like any other platform game. Use the Arrow keys to move Fireboy through the level. For Watergirl, press the 🇼 🇸 🇦 🇩 keys to do the same. The game allows you to control both heroes yourself, or even share the keyboard with a friend. Are you brave enough to face the mysteries of the temple alone, or do you prefer the help of a companion?

The goal of each level is simple. You need to guide your characters past all the obstacles and through the doors marked with their symbol. However, you will soon find that the two protagonists are opposites: Fireboy’s greatest weakness is water, while Watergirl will be killed by fire. Beware, as the puddles of green goo will hurt both of them!

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