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World Rescue

World Rescue

by: Ben 10

  • 2.8K
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Ben 10: World Rescue


In the video game World Rescue, only Ben 10 has the strength to save Planet Earth from peril. A disturbing letter with a picture of Gwen and Max being kept hostage in a dim, marshy jail cell was sent to Ben as he was engaged in a gaming battle. Without Ben even realizing it, someone has managed to seize the Tennysons! And right now, he’s threatening to rule the entire planet!

It’s not what you’re supposed to do; your duty is to stop that from occurring and punish the bad guy. You are in for a huge, overwhelming struggle since Gwen and Max may be anywhere! Before you find them, you might need to look in all directions on each of the seven continents. Do you believe you have what it takes to complete this quest?

A total of six major cities are represented in the game, including Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, the Yucatan, and London. Each episode of Mission 1 requires a particular alien to be used to finish it. A comparable chapter in Mission 2 will become accessible once you’ve completed that task.

How to play World Rescue

You must select your fighting aliens and the starting location for your mission from the Omnitrix before you can start. Once you’ve done that, you should look about the area to determine who kidnapped Ben’s cherished family. The keys may be used to navigate about throughout the game.

The opponent is more intelligent than he appears to be, so use caution. Of course, he would keep watch on his headquarters! Armed guards, lethal mazes, traps, and other obstacles must be avoided while you battle them. The   may be used to deliver a solid punch, while the key can be used to launch a Special attack if you come across an adversary.

Due to the stamina depletion caused by employing the special attack, take caution. At the top of the screen are the Health and Stamina bars. You may always restock them by acquiring power-ups while you’re out and about, should you sustain more damage than you anticipated.

There is no time to waste now that you are familiar with the fundamentals! Before it’s too late, we need to figure out who this alien intruder is so we may securely return the Tennysons to their home.

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