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Tower Lockdown – Solve The Puzzles And Escape The Tower

Tower Lockdown – Solve The Puzzles And Escape The Tower

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go! Tower Lockdown


Go, Teen Titans! Tower Lockdown is a puzzle adventure game based on the Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go!. Our hero – Robin is unable to break in the Teen Titans tower because it is locked. The most essential thing is that Cyborg is looking forward to playing their favorite video game with Robin inside. In the Tower Lockdown game, you can support Robin in finding a means to get in quickly. This tower, on the other hand, is a true maze with various challenges.

Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to enter the Teen Titans’ mansion? If you answered yes, then begin this mission to assist Robin.
You’ll progress through the stages, which range from easy to difficult, by first discovering the key. The key is necessary to open the door to which they require additional access. Walking as you can on the floor, on the walls, and on the ceiling can broaden your thinking and help you come up with new ways to pass a level. The vigilance will not be caught in the trap.

How to play the game Tower Lockdown

To change the direction from one side of the chambers to the other, just press the Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow keys on your keyboard. Find the key to the secret doors and try your best to bring Robin to the top of the tower as quickly as possible. The A, S, D, and W keys on your keyboard can also be used to move Robin. Whatever direction you take, make sure you do it as well as you possibly can. You are free to walk on the walls, but be cautious or you may injure yourself.

Each level is more difficult than the one before it, but it is not impossible to complete all of them. We’re confident to confirm you’ll be able to unlock all of the doors in the game area and keep Robin safe.

We wish you success and hope you enjoy your tour of the Teen Titans’ home. Not everybody who gets the opportunity to see it and explore all of the rooms. Supporting Robin will provide you with this golden chance, which we are sure you are going to take.

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