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The Legendary Trials

The Legendary Trials

by: Craig of the Creek

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Craig of the Creek: The Legendary Trials


Craig, Kelsey, and JP have begun a new task in the game The Legendary Trials! This time, the three have a fresh plan: to become Legends of the Creek. To earn the championship, the youngsters must complete a series of challenges, which only the strongest will complete! Assist them in reaching their objective and becoming victors!

You must support your teammates your teammates in completing this task! Play as the three children and guide them through a series of quests! Investigate the creek, meet the other characters, and accept their trials! Many children will try to get in your way and create barriers for you. Have you got what it takes to win this game?

How to play The Legendary Trials

To wander about the environment and explore the stream, use the Arrow keys on your computer to guide your character. If you are close to an object, pushing the Space bar will cause you to hit it. You will chat to someone if you hold it near to them. During Kelsey’s trial, you may additionally aim by left-clicking your mouse.

Explore as much of the map as you can because you’ll uncover useful power-ups that will help you on your goal! You can only have one at a time, so go ahead and start your challenge after picking it up!

There are three sorts of trials, each with 10 stages. Craig must win a puzzle-style game in which he must reassemble sewage parts. JP must join in a colorful game of paintball while dodging the balloons shot at him! For Kelsey’s challenge, you must assist her in shooting shurikens at the targets while avoiding damage to other things.

Your pals want your support! Complete all of the assignments to become Creek Legends!

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