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Tension In Detention – Escape From High School

Tension In Detention – Escape From High School

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Tension in Detention


The Amazing World of Gumball: Tension in Detention is an online game based on its Cartoon Network show.

Gumball Tension in Confinement is the name of the game, and because Gumball despises school, you can understand how much he despises detention. The principal decided to put them in custody after they were suspected of playing a prank. They are, however, in a hurry to get to a spectacular concert, so they have set an escape time.

The brothers will still have to deal with the newly installed surveillance security cameras. They’d definitely need a companion to keep an eye on them! Are you up for the challenge?

Your mission is to assist them in escaping the school without being noticed. You may also wish to consider barriers that must be avoided and perplexing circumstances that must be overcome. Is this a sufficient test for you? Let’s see what we can find out!

How to play Tension in Detention

The boys have entered a dangerous area once they have exited the jail area. They are used to move your character. You’ll also come across numerous obstacles along the way, such as spikes and pits. To hop over them, simply use the.

You should also think about earning blue stars. If you are able to get all three of them in a level, you have done an excellent job!

Then, every time you walk through a section of the school, you must hit the Spacebar at the entrance to enter a new one. As you go through the stages, your objectives will get more complex, and more threatening opponents, such as patrolling robots, will arise.

Furthermore, when your character comes closer to leaving high school, the halls will get more confusing. Darwin, for example, could have to travel upside down in time! You should keep an eye on these kinds of changes so you don’t get caught off guard.

What else you should know

In this journey, you are not alone. Friends are there to offer you hints about what to expect on your journey. As a result, you should pay great attention to their directions. For example, you can find new ways to reach other places from them, such as slipping through ducts or lifting yourself up using bricks. This type of prop necessitates the use of the Spacebar .

There is the light at the back of the hallway, can you see it? It’s possible that it’s the true exit! You might want to get quick because the principle seldom looks away from the security cameras!

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