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Gumball Games Trophy Challenge

Gumball Games Trophy Challenge

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball Games Trophy Challenge


Gumball and Darwin the Fish won’t make you become bored! The lads are always up for fun and are skilled at having a good time in their spare time. They made the decision to venture up the attic this time to avoid being bored. They were drawn inside by an unidentified game they discovered there. In an interactive board game, the lads found themselves. They reportedly became victims of the people who made the controversial video game “Jumanji.” Our heroes, however, chose to conduct a competition with rewards since they were not afraid. Unexpectedly, their buddies joined them there in addition to a handful of Watersons. Would you want to join them? Welcome to The Trophy Challenge, by the way.

This entertaining game is a must-play for lovers of the Cartoon Network cartoon television program The Amazing World of Gumball. The board game Trophy Challenge is not your typical pastime. When looking for something entertaining to do, Gumball and his companions unintentionally came across it. They were drawn to the mystery game even more because it didn’t have any instructions.

They eventually discovered the most effective strategy for playing it! The player who has collected the most awards in a predetermined number of turns is considered to be the winner, according to their reasoning. It’s not an easy task, though, to win these rewards. Do you feel up to the challenge, what do you think?

As was previously said, obtaining the trophies is necessary to win the game. However, it is simpler said than done. Points are required to purchase each reward. You must participate in the board game’s mini-games in order to get these points.

The very next step after choosing your character is to roll the dice. This is how you will find out how many areas you are allowed to move forward, much as in many other retro games. You are enabled to spin a wheel of fate with each new round!

There are 10 distinct mini-games written on the wheel. The following task you must complete will depend on whatever one the pin falls on. Only a handful of the items you may obtain include shoving your opponent beyond the ring, capturing falling debris, and fishing fleeing tortoises!

You should also know…

You will score 10 points for each successful mini-game. These don’t have a high worth in that form, but there is a technique to significantly raise their value. To swap the points for trophies is what you should try to do. However, it’s easier said than done!

The trophy squares should be on your radar if you’re trying to make that trade. There are no other locations where you may purchase them. The reward will be immediately switched if you simply step over one. A square may only be utilized once before another one will appear in a completely new location. That implies that you would need to do everything again from scratch if you were passionately seeking one.

You will enjoy playing this enigmatic entertaining board game more if the competition is high.

How to play Gumball Games Trophy Challenge

You will need to utilize every tool on your computer in order to play this game. You’ll need to use both your keyboard and mouse to complete these tasks. In order to perform the tasks, you will mostly utilize the arrow keys .

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