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Sparkle Blaster – Protect Unikitty From Dangerous Sparkle Substance

Sparkle Blaster – Protect Unikitty From Dangerous Sparkle Substance

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Unikitty: Sparkle Blaster


Welcome to Sparkle Blaster, the first game introduced to the Unikitty Games category, and our  2D platform aim-and-shoot featuring the Unikitty animated cartoon TV series.

In the Sparkly Blaster game, Unikitty is protecting herself from the dangerous sparkle substance! And nothing seems to go wrong in the lovely and pleasant realm of Unikingdom. This time, the mischievous cat princess must strive to keep the nasty creatures at bay! Will you assist her in being positive and cheery as ever?

To do so, point your mouse in the direction you wish to fire and shoot everything that falls before it hits the cat. Before the time limit for each level, fire down as much negativity as possible, earning points in return, and attempting to achieve the highest possible score. You have thirty seconds to destroy all oncoming items and get points. Blast them with a powerful horn! Assist Unikitty in defending herself against all manner of awful things flying at her from all angles, and get as many points as you can before time runs out.

How to play game Sparkle Blaster

To use Unikitty’s talents and blast joyful things at the negative sparkling matter, move your mouse to aim and then left-click to hit! Doesn’t it sound simple?

In thirty seconds, you must take care of her safety above all else. Broken hearts, spiders, sad expressions, and even clouds of rain are on their way to your adorable pal! You must move swiftly and blast the sparkly substance down before it reaches the princess! If you are successful in protecting her, she will thank you by smiling at the end. Keep an eye on her, because if any of the furious matter hits her, your score will be reset to zero! Try to act as quickly as possible to keep all unpleasant things at bay!

Your cat pal requires your assistance, so undertake this quest and safeguard Unikitty!

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